360° Wide-Angle Car Rearview Mirror - 2pcs

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2pcs/lot Car Accessories Small Round Mirror Car Rearview Mirror Blind Spot Wide-angle Lens 360 degree Rotation Adjustable


1. The back of all shapes of mirrors are covered with explosion-proof film, which can effectively prevent glass burst, even if the rupture does not cause a subprime damage.
2. Installing sub mirrors can enlarge the field of vision and avoid the blind area.
3. All shapes of the mirrors can be directly attached to the rear view mirror of the car, or can be pasted on the base first, and then the base is pasted on the rearview mirror to achieve angle adjustment.
4. All the shape of the mirror can also stand on the interview mirror, to observe the rear seat, especially suitable for families with children.
5. All mirrors are chamfered on both the upper and lower sides of the mirror glass and are smooth and harmless.
Comparison of angle of view before and after installation 


  • Viscose is a one-time use, once stickup, do not tear down, otherwise it may cause viscose failure;

  • After pasting, please wash the car at least 12 hours later, or it may cause the glue to fall off.

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